Meet schedules and travel accommodation will be posted for meets around Region 7 whenever it becomes available.

Call for Bids
May 11, 2015

As you all know, effective in 2016 JO Nationals will be going to a modified capitol cup. We would like our hosts for Regional competitions to use the same format at each Regional meet also starting in 2016. It is logical to assume the majority of clubs who would bid within our Region will need to take the competition to an outside facility and rent equipment to accommodate this format.

With the new logistics of using a modified capitol cup format we realize the added expense to most clubs for this format could deter people from bidding. In an effort to support the host club in this endeavor Region VII would like to present the following.

Currently the Region pays for half of the judge's fees at the Regional meets to offset some of the meet expenses. Pending availability of funds in the Regional account and after receiving a financial report from the host club, Region VII will now pay the entire bill for the judges – including: honorarium, hotel accommodations, mileage and per-diem. Region VII will also waive the head tax fee and the State in which the meet is hosted will also waive the head tax fee.

APRIL 2/3, 2016 = Level 8 Regionals
APRIL 9/10, 2016 = Level 9 Regionals
APRIL 16/17, 2016 = Level 10 Regionals

The bid form is below. If you have any questions or to email the form back please send to If you want to print and mail the form in, please use the address below.

Jen Bortz
PO Box 243
Boalsburg, PA 16827

All bids must be received no later than June 16, 2015 to be considered.

Thank you!